Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance Policy

The Huddersfield Junior League has always maintained an excellent reputation for high standards of behaviour at games.

Season 2016-17 has seen a small rise in the number of unsavoury incidents.
The League has no intention of allowing such behaviour to escalate and is NOW introducing a Policy of Zero Tolerance.

The League has the authority, under Rule 17, to exclude any Individual, Team or Club from participating in the League, over which there is no appeal.  There will be NO SECOND CHANCE !

Everyone, including Referee's and League Officials, have the right to enjoy a game of football without suffering abuse or harrassment from small minded people who are unable to accept decisions that go against them.

The Huddersfield Macron Junior League supports the Zero Tolerance Policy, which governs the behavior of coaches and spectators toward referees.

The policy is designed to foster good sportsmanship, provide a friendly and safe environment, and support the development of referees, many of whom are relatively young and inexperienced.
The policy is for All individuals responsible for a team.

ALL Team Managers, Club Officials, Players and Spectators shall support the referee.

Abusive and obscene language, violent play/conduct, fighting and other behavior (including, but not limited to sarcasm, taunting, etc.) deemed detrimental to the game will not be tolerated.
The ultimate responsibility for the actions of coaches, players and spectators resides with the each member of your Club. 
It is the responsibility of the coaches to provide referee support and spectator control.
This policy applies before, during and after all events at the football field and its immediate surrounding areas.
The policy also includes poor behaviour posted on SOCIAL MEDIA sItes.