Under 11’s


The main purpose of the u11's is for young people to enjoy a game of football with their friends.  If, at the same time, managers and coaches can develop the players then all the better.
However, fun is the most important thing at this age.

The Football Association does not want competitive football at this age group and younger.

With this in mind, the League has tried very hard to find a balance between non-competitive games and teams playing against other teams of a similar standard.
Sadly too many people think that groups of 6, where teams play 5 games then move to another group, are about promotion, relegation, personal prestige and trophies.

There is NO promotion, NO relegation and NO trophies !!!

Any Team, Manager, Coach or Parent who find themselves unable to accept this should seriously consider not joining the League.

Each season, the u11's play 3 or 4 sets of games with 5 games in each set.
At the end of each set there will be a period of 2/3 weeks where teams either catch up with postponed games, play friendlies or utilise the time for extra coaching.

The movement of teams between groups is decided by results in each set and, where decisions have to be made, results from the whole season.
At the end of each group ALL teams will be moved to another group with the purpose of giving youngsters different teams and different surroundings to expand and retain their interest while, at the same time, maintaining a balance where teams are of equal standards.
Any unplayed or incomplete games are classed as draws.

There are no fixed rules about how groups are decided and, sometimes, there is not enough time.
Results are looked at very carefully and decisions made.
This is not a science and mistakes will be made, however, with only 5 games per set, those mistakes can very soon be rectified.

The League Committe is doing its best but, if you think you can do better, then please contact the League Secretary.
The Committee is desperate for Help and you are very welcome to try to fit all 80/90 teams into the correct groups.

If you are not prepared to help then accept the League's decisions or do something else.



The under 11’s Age group suffers from several different problems.
Some teams in wrong divisions, some want to measure progress, some want to develop players in a non-competitive atmosphere and some are not bothered providing they get a game every week.

The RCD League tries hard to provide football which is enjoyable but, in order to try to satisfy all demands, the league has to remain within FA rules and, at the same time try to provide what teams and players want – Which is essentially a game of football each week against opponents of similar ability,

With no results, no tables, no titles and no medals, many teams also find it difficult to motivate their players and parents to make the effort, resulting a number of games not played.

With all this in mind the under 11 League starts a new system commencing Sun 18th Oct 2015.
The New Format and Fixtures are on the web site NOW.

The main purpose of the changes are…
1   Allow teams to find their own level
2   Make under 11’s more interesting
3   Maintain the integrity of the FA’s rules for under 11’s

Under the new system teams should not consider themselves as being in any specific division.  It is effectively, one division of 84 and teams will move up or down according to results over a 5 match period.

This is an untried and untested system and faults may be discovered along the way.  If you feel you could provide any improvements to the system then please let us know.

One thing that is often overlooked is that teams change throughout the season. New players or transfers can strengthen or weaken teams overnight. By allowing constant movement throughout the season, teams can continually move into the most suitable group for their ability.
There’s never going to be a perfect solution but, in an attempt to improve the under 11’s, the league is introducing a new format…

The new league will be re-organised into 14 groups with 6 teams in each group.

Teams will play all other teams in their Group once.

Postponed games (in accordance with the rules) will be treated as a 2-2 draw.
(Where there is a complete wipe out, games may be re-arranged where appropriate.)

At the end of each session (when all games in a Group have been played), 3 teams will move into the next group above and 3 teams will move into the group below.

Where teams finish on level points, games against each other will be used to determine positions. (Goal difference will NOT be used – ammended 8th Oct)

At the end of the season, finishing positions will determine starting positions for the u12 season.
Please remember, this is not about promotion or relegation or winning leagues. It’s about moving teams around in order to find a level at which they feel they can compete on equal terms. In addition, it also gives teams the chance to test their ability and measure their progress.
Teams that prefer to develop players have no need to change their philosophy.
This is a fledgling idea and there surely will be unforeseeable snags along the way which we will endeavour to sort out as we go. Even if it doesn’t work, there’s nothing to lose.

Teams should play games on 11th October as per the existing fixture list. After which, the present divisions will disappear and teams will play as per the new fixtures.

Initial Group starting positions have been set down in accordance with results from the 13th, 20th and 27th Sep.

The rules for u11 football are the same as for u12’s to u18’s
Teams MUST be made aware that the u11 age group is NOT Mini-Soccer and teams must be familiar with the appropriate rules for u11 football.

All incomplete or postponed games will be treated as a 2-2 draw.
The only exception to this will be when a complete, or near complete, fixture programme is wiped out, games may be moved to another date, where it is deemed beneficial to do so.

Due to the way this system works, there may be occasions when teams play each other 3 or even 4 times.  (The League will endevour to avoid this situation if, or when, it arises)

Many teams share pitches and, in the past, the League has been able to accommodate specific requests for teams to be at home or away on certain dates.
Due to the completely different approach now being used for the under 11’s, such planning will not be possible. Fixtures will be issued and teams will have to plan their games accordingly. i.e. Staggered kick off times, Reverse fixtures, Find another pitch.

As stated above, we cannot please everyone. It’s simply not possible to put teams into Groups where all the teams are of similar ability AND are conveniently located within a few miles of each other.

The League is being forced to introduce new systems every year due to the demands made by the Football Association together with the demands of clubs – These demands often conflict and the League is simply trying to find a compromise.

The Cup and Trophy competitions remain unchanged with the First Rounds scheduled for Sun 8th Nov.