Can You Do Better ?

The Football Association estimates that in some areas of the country, 20 per cent of games are played without a qualified match official.

The RCD Junior League is no different and currently operates with just 15-20 official referees covering over 300 full and mini-soccer games each week.

There are many theories why official referees have left the game but the word “abuse” will crop up in most of these theories somewhere.

Clubs, Team Managers, Parents and Players MUST start to take responsibilty for their own actions and recognise that referees, official or otherwise, are simply doing their best and they are NOT cheating just because they didn’t see what you saw !

Even if they are cheating, no amount of screaming touchline tantrums will change anything !

How would you like it if the referee told players they were rubbish because they failed to score or told the manager he was rubbish because his team were losing or told you that you were rubbish because you were unable to control your emotions.

If you can do better, or if you would simply like to become a Referee, then it’s time you signed up for a Referee Course

This course is intended for people who referee their own club and would like to improve their knowledge of the rules.
Anyone wishing to attend the course should contact Neil Simpson on…   01422 374916

If you would like to become a Fully Qualified Referee please contact The County Referees Development Officer, Steve Rhodes on…   0113 282 1222
or to see a list of courses try the County web site…

If you are unable to find what you are looking for then please contact the League Secretary, Eric Kershaw on…   01484 642670
or e-mail…