Player Registration 2017-18


Further to the AGM there have been a number of changes to the above, including changes to the downloadable forms on the website which MUST BE USED for the coming season.

For all football for 9 v 9 and 11 v 11. Under 13s / U18s.


All players must be registered to a team when you send in your player registration forms. If you have multiple teams within your age group you must register your players with the relevant team.

YOUR PLAYERS WILL NO LONGER HAVE TO HAVE PLAYED 3 GAMES BEFORE THEY ARE TIED TO THAT TEAM FOR LEAGUE GAMES. You will still be able to move up to 3 players to other teams within the age group.

When your cards are returned if you have only ONE team the box on the card will remain blank. This indicates that the player is registered with the highest level team ( the only team ).

If you have multiple teams then you will have other card options.

The highest rated team will always be blank.
The next level will be blue.
The next level will be red
The next level will be green.

This colour code system will mean that the team managers will know who their opposition are playing in advance of the game. When swapping the paperwork and checking ID cards before the game.

If the opposition tries to use more than 3 players from another team then the team manager will know in advance and can be acted on at the time rather than it going to the management committee at a later date.