Welcome to the Huddersfield RCD Junior Football League.  We hope you enjoy your time in the League.

The following notes are intended to help new clubs get to grips with the requirements of playing in a League.

rules3First and foremost it should be understood that you are entering an organised Football League regulated by the English Football Association and Rules are very STRICT !

As a member of the League you are expected to respect ALL League Rules and failure to do so WILL incur financial penalties.

Before entering a League clubs must be affiliated to the relevant County F.A.
Before being accepted into the League you will need…    A Club President, Secretary, Treasurer and Team Manager (Age 18 or over)
A Team (Each player must be registered with the League)
A Pitch (Which must conform to FA standards)
Suitable goal nets and corner flags for home games
Adequate Dressing Rooms and Toilets
A Referee for home games
If a Referee is appointed by the League, the club must pay the referee’s fees & expenses

1. Affiliate to the County FA Before joining a League, your clubs must be affiliated to the relevant County FA
  West Riding CFA… 0113 282 1222
  Sheffield CFA… 0114 241 4992
  Manchester CFA… 0161 203 2990
  Lancashire CFA… 0117 262 4000
2. League Entry Form To announce your intention to join the League, download a League Entry Form from the link on the right of this page and return it, fully completed, to the League Secretary by 21 June
3. Handbook Details Form Download a Handbook Details Form from the link on the right of this page and return it, fully completed, to the League Secretary by 16th July

4. Register Players

Download a Player Registration Form and Player I.D Form from the links on the right of this page.
  Return the completed forms to the appropriate Section Registration Secretary (Click HERE)
  Last Day to register players… 31 August

League Meetings are held each Month from August to April plus an A.G.M in June.  These meetings are for you to voice your opinions and keep up to date with all the latest news.   Failure to attend meetings WILL result in a financial penalty as the League has to parcel up all the information and post it to your club.  (Apologies for non-attendance does NOT waive the fee).

The health and well being of ALL children is paramount and YOU have a legal and moral responsibility to ensure that children are looked after by responsible adults and everyone associated with your club understands the League and FA rules on Child Welfare.

Clubs are responsible for the behaviour of their players, parents and supporters.   Junior football is tired of hearing about poor behaviour and both the League and the FA are determined to rid the game of small minded people who think they have a right to use verbal and physical abuse when things aren’t going their way.  Any club found guilty of unacceptable behaviour may be expelled from the League.

Teams in the League are expected to maintain the principles of the FA’s Charter Standard Scheme.   Charter Standard sets down minimum standards for Facilities, Coaching, Child Welfare, First Aid and Behaviour.  Any club entering the League for a third season must have achieved Charter Standard status.   In other words new clubs have 2 years to achieve Charter Standard status.

The season starts on the second Sunday in September and continues to the first Sunday in May. (The season may be extended to the last Sunday in May in exceptional circumstances)   Teams must be available to play on ALL Sundays during the season.   There are strict rules about when a team can postpone a game.  Teams cannot postpone games at will.  ALL games must be played ON or BEFORE the date scheduled.

Whether an official referee or club appointed, Referees must be treated with respect at all times.

The rules of the Cup Competition may differ from League games and clubs are advised to read and understand the rules before playing.       If you have any questions about joining the League or running a team please contact the League Secretary on…   01484 642670   or e-mail