Goal Difference

"We need to get our goal difference up" is a cry that can be heard from time to time at Huddersfield Junior League games.

The fact is that whether you win 1-0 or 10-0 makes no difference.
If your team is winning easily then give the other side a break – Don't try to score more goals and humiliate them even more just for the sake of something that doesn't count. 

Very few amateur Leagues take goal difference into account due to the fact that many teams may 'concede' a game and, therefore, no goals can be counted for that game, making it an unfair system.

Therefore, if two or more teams are tied for a League Title, results between the teams involved will determine the winner.  If the teams are still tied then play offs are used to determine the winners (see Rule 12 below) 

In the event of two or more teams being on equal points for the top places in any of the League Tables at the close of the competition, results between the teams involved shall decide the winner.
If results between the teams fails to determine a winner, a play off match(es) shall decide the winner